What does the upgrade involve?

    The Mt Crosby East Bank Water Treatment Plant upgrade involves construction of new chemical storage and unloading facilities and a new one way access road at the entrance of the plant on Mt Crosby Road.

    Why does the plant need to be upgraded?

    The Mt Crosby East Bank Water Treatment Plant is one of our primary sources of drinking water for the greater Brisbane and Ipswich areas. To further improve the capacity and reliability of the East Bank to treat water, especially during floods, Seqwater is upgrading its chemical storage facilities. The upgrade will allow greater capacity for storing chemicals at the plant and better accessibility for trucks to deliver chemicals for water treatment.  This upgrade will ensure Seqwater can continue to provide a safe, secure, resilient and reliable water supply for South East Queensland.

    How long will the upgrade take?

    The upgrade started in June 2016 and will take about 10 months to complete, subject to weather conditions and unexpected delays. We will start installing the new chemical storage tanks in October and landscaping early 2017.

    What will I see on site?

    You will notice a range of construction activities and equipment including cranes, excavators and concrete trucks. Machinery on site will differ depending on the stage of construction.  The number of workers onsite will range between 10 and 30. You will also see signage, barricades and traffic controllers to help keep workers and community members safe.

    How will I be impacted?

    Construction impacts may include noise, dust, vibration and changes to traffic conditions.  We will work closely with local residents and businesses to help minimise these impacts. Work hours are between 6am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, and 7am and 12pm on Saturday.s Traffic control will be in place as required. Work is not expected to disrupt your water supply.

    Will there be a greater risk of chemical spills at the plant?

    No. The new storage tanks and pumps will ensure transferring chemicals within the plant are even more efficient, while the new access road will ensure trucks have better accessibility to the plant for delivering chemicals.

    How can I find out more about the project?

    To find out more about this project, give us a call on 1800 771 497 or email communications@seqwater.com.au