What is Realities of Rain?

Realities of Rain is starting the conversation with the South East Queensland community about what we do when we can’t always count on the rain.

In South East Queensland, we can count on all types of rain – there’s wedding day rain, long weekend rain, school holiday rain and just-polished-the-car rain.

In fact, the only rain we can’t count on, is rain when we need it, where we need it.

That’s why we’re planning our water future.

Why are we talking about rain?

Without rain, we don’t have water to live, work and play. Up until now, we’ve relied on dams for our water supply – but these rely on rain falling where and when we need it. 

Dams store water - they don’t make it. With the climate changing and our population growing, just having dams is not going to be enough for the future.

No one wants to see a South East Queensland without enough water to live, work and play the way we want to. 

That’s why we’re planning now - and we want the community to be part of the plan we’re creating.

What's the plan?

The Water Security Program is Seqwater's plan for providing the region's drinking water over the next 30 years, including during times of drought and flood.

We released an updated Program in March 2017. Check out our eight-page guide, Water for life: 2017 Annual Report, with the latest information about how our water security program is performing.

We’re going to update the Water Security Program by 2022 and we want to hear your thoughts about what you think about water, it’s supply and things we should be considering when planning for the future.

What can I do now?

We’ve created a hub at yourseqwater.com.au to talk Realities of Rain. What we’d love for you to do is:

1. Register for Realities of Rain e-news and be the first to know when great videos, articles and interesting facts are added to the hub.

2. Read the plan – you can find it in the document library.

3. Take our water survey - we'd like to better understand what you know - and don't know - about water.

4. Book a presentation - we're happy to come to you and talk all things Realities of Rain. You can find our booking form on the front page.

5. Be water wise - there are no conservation measures or water restrictions currently in place, there are some simple things we can do to be more water efficient around the home, school and work. Check the video library for some water wise tips.

6. Start a conversation with your kids, family and friends about water in your community. Do you know where your water comes from? How it is treated? What is our plan is during a drought?