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The Reality of Desalination

When you can’t count on the rain to fall when and where you need it, you need to start thinking of alternative sources of water.

During the Millennium Drought, the Queensland Government built the Gold Coast Desalination Plant – a facility that can turn seawater into drinking water. The desalination plant runs in ‘hot standby’ mode – where we run it once, sometimes twice a week, to keep everything in good working order. We ramp up production during times of flood and drought, or when other water treatment plants are offline for maintenance.

There are desalination plants in other states too – Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Adelaide all have desalination plants.

So how does it work? How much does it cost? How does desalination impact the environment?

Check out our fact sheet and FAQs for all you need to know about ‘desal’!

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