The Reality of the Plan

almost 2 years ago

We’ve been talking a lot of the realities of rain – that we can’t count on it to fall when and where we need it – and that we need to plan for our water future.

So what does ‘the plan’ look like?

Our Water Security Program is our plan to provide South East Queensland with drinking water over the next 30 years. This includes planning for extreme weather — both flood and drought.

Looking so far ahead means our plan has to be adaptive – balancing demand (how much water communities use), supply (how much water we can source, treat and transport) and the operation of our water grid (how we transfer water and what sources we use) so we can provide water for life.

You can read a summary of the Water Security Program or check out the whole program.

Check out your local plan:

Planning your water future - Sunshine Coast

Planning your water future - Scenic Rim

We’ll be releasing other region plans soon.

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