The Reality of the Water Grid

In South East Queensland, we count on our key drinking water dams to provide us with water to live, work and play. The SEQ Water Grid means we can move water around the region, which is especially important if one part of the region is experiencing an unusual dry spell, while another has enjoyed good rainfall.

We saw this in the summer of 2016-17, when low rainfall in the north-east of the region left Baroon Pocket Dam, on the Sunshine Coast, and North Pine Dam, in Brisbane’s north, at about half their capacity. So we used the water grid to supplement Sunshine Coast water supply with treated water from Brisbane – usually destined for Brisbane’s northern suburbs - and increased production at our largest water treatment plants at Mount Crosby (near Ipswich) to supplement drinking water to Brisbane’s north.

Check out our Water Grid video and fact sheet for more information.

Categories: Sunshine Coast
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