The Reality of Your Water Future

over 1 year ago

What is the Realities of Rain?

The reality is we can’t count on the rain to fall when we need it and where we need it, so we’re planning for our water future.

Explore the Realities of Rain hub for everything you need to know so you can be a part of planning – our interesting fact sheets, videos and infographics will explain all you need to know about the realities of:

Our water sources – such as dams, desalination, decentralised schemes and purified recycled water

Our environment - such as drought, climate change and floods.

Our contribution – such as the Water Grid, how we plan for the future and how we can all save water.

We’ll be continuing the conversation about the reality of rain and our water future around South East Queensland for the rest of the year and into 2019.

Interested in hearing more? Book a Realities of Rain presentation here.

Categories: Water Future, Sunshine Coast
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