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Seqwater is planning now for South East Queenland's future water supply.

We need to understand what our communities think so the plan meets expectations and delivers water for life.

Community feedback informed the revised South East Queensland Water Security Program published in March 2017.

Seqwater is planning now for South East Queenland's future water supply.

We need to understand what our communities think so the plan meets expectations and delivers water for life.

Community feedback informed the revised South East Queensland Water Security Program published in March 2017.

  • Long term water plan for SEQ

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    Seqwater published our long term water plan for the region on 24 March 2017.

    South East Queensland's Water Security Program 2016-2046 is our plan for providing safe, secure and cost-effective drinking water over the next 30 years. It builds on the previous version released in 2015 and incorporates community feedback gathered during our Water for life engagement.

    The Water Security Program’s assessment of potential water options considers community views and values alongside technical reviews, research and investigations.

    The Program also includes updated preparations and plans for extreme weather and includes a revised drought response plan.

    A key change to the drought response is the introduction of a drought readiness phase to help better prepare the region for the prospect of drought.

    The drought readiness phase is triggered when combined grid dam levels reach 70% and will involve a water efficiency campaign encouraging the community to use water wisely while dry conditions continue.

  • Community forums held across the region

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    During June 2016 Seqwater held community forums across South East Queensland.

    The forums, held at the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Boonah and Brisbane, gave Seqwater an insight into our community's values when it comes to planning our water future.

    As with the events held in September 2015, the forums were conducted under research-like conditions and participants were recruited to be representative of community demographics.

    Forum participants explored complex issues with a mix of table discussions, presentations and films, as well as feedback and voting sessions.

    This deliberative engagement style, where participants were seated on round tables with their own facilitator, enabled meaningful discussion between community members and provided the depth of insight required to inform South East Queensland's 30 year water plan.

    Feedback from the forums, as well as other community engagement activities, will be reflected in version 2 of the Water Security Program, due for publication in 2017.

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  • Community views and values report

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    Seqwater has published a report to the community collating feedback received during the first round of Water for life consultation.

    Seqwater started the Water for life conversation with our communities last year. We asked what you valued when it came to water and water planning for South East Queensland.

    Across the region, communities told us that above all else, they value high-quality drinking water. You also told us that you think community education about the water cycle and the water supply system is very important.

    Seqwater asked participants to give us their thoughts on a list of water considerations. When asked to choose their top five considerations for planning our water future, the community told us that resilience, environment, fair access, cost and innovation were the most important considerations.

    What do you think?

    Community involvement is an important step in shaping our decision-making framework. Water for life consultation will inform the planning of the next version of the Water Security Program – our plan for providing the region’s drinking water over the next 30 years.

    Our conversation with the community has just begun. In June 2016 there will be another opportunity for the community to join the Water for life conversation.

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    Or, you can get in touch with us by:

  • Community to help develop SEQ’s long term water supply plan

    Seqwater is in the process of developing a 30-year-plan to meet South East Queensland’s future water supply needs.

    The first phase of scenario analysis is now complete and will form the basis of a region-wide community engagement program, Water for life – South East Queensland’s water future 2015-2045.

    Seqwater Chief Executive Officer Peter Dennis said Version 1 of the Water Security Program was available to view at

    Mr Dennis said the community would play a significant role in developing the region’s long term water plan.

    “Our initial assessment has shown that our current water infrastructure combined with high water security means no new water sources should be required until beyond 2030. This means no decision on future water supply infrastructure options should be needed for at least 10 years.’’

    “We have an unprecedented opportunity to engage with water consumers to ensure the region’s long term water plan reflects community views and values.

    “The good news is that, together, we have time to choose the right water supply future for our region. I encourage everyone to get involved and have their say.’’

    The first phase of the Water for Life engagement program is now open. Seqwater is seeking community feedback on how it values water as well as what factors, like cost or the environment; Seqwater should take into account when assessing future water infrastructure options.

    South East Queenslanders can have their say by registering at, submitting an expression of interest to attend a community forum or by completing an online survey.

    Mr Dennis said South East Queensland was a region of weather extremes and presented a complex challenge for long term water planning.

    “This is a region which has had recent experience with both large floods and long droughts. Climate predictions show the weather will become more variable. The Water Security Program must be adaptable these variables, including being able to respond to and reflect community views and values as they evolve,’’ he said.

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